I am an Assistant Professor at The College of Communication and Information at Florida State University. I teach courses about Social Media, Social Networks, and Designing Human-Centered Information Systems. I describe my research as human-centered sociotechnical network science and design. My current research projects include:

  • Analyzing content and network structures of cross-ideological interactions of politically-interested social media users, and
  • Human-centered, network-centric research and design of graph-based information systems for interpreting and using complex information.

My academic background is diverse, with degrees in Philosophy (B.A., Delaware) and Liberal Studies (M.A., Georgetown) and Social Informatics (Ph.D., Drexel). My professional background is in I.T. and information security management, working in engineering, consulting, leadership/cheerleading, and management capacities for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Department of Education, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other government and commercial organizations.

Before my academic career I passed the time as a web designer, barista, waiter, and musician. In my free time I play with computers and dogs, and maybe the most serious hack golfer you know.